Safety & Security Tips For Travelers and Expats in Bulgaria

By Veritas | 4 Aug 2022 | Travel

Bulgaria is one of the safest nations in the EU, it has a beautiful natural environment, a storied past, and a diverse culture. It’s a fantastic location to travel to.

However, crime does exist, just like it does everywhere else. For this reason, it’s important to understand how to get ready for a trip or relocation to Bulgaria—or to any other destination, for that matter.


1. Research the security situation in Bulgaria before departing from your home country.

For this, there are usefull resources on the web resources. Reports on travel advice are available from many countries and can be accessed for free.
Below are 2 examples of such platforms:


These reports include information about entrance and exit requirements, available embassies, important local laws, etc. and give a decent picture of the safety and security situation at your destination.

I recommend you and see whether your home country offers such a report.

2. Share your travel plan!

Inform your family, friends, coworkers, and the embassy about your trip before you depart for your trip to Bulgaria. Prior to your journey, make sure your cell phone has international service and that you have set up emergency contacts.

3. Give your luggage some thought

  • Pack culturally appropriate clothing, but keep in mind that people in Bulgaria are generally very tolerant. 
  • choose inexpensive jewelry, watches, and sunglasses.
  • Spread out your priceless belongings, papers, and cash among your bags, suitcases, and pockets to prevent losing everything at once.
  • Including a luggage tracker on your bags and suitcases can help you find your belongings whenever you need them.

4. at the airport

To spend as little time as possible in public areas at the airport, check in as soon as you arrive. When waiting for your flight, the spaces behind the security checks are more safer. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about your checked bags any longer. You can now unwind a little more as you wait for your flight and concentrate on the experience that lies ahead. But always maintain your situational awareness!

5. taxi’s

  • When you arrive, resist the urge to take a “cab” with the first person that approaches you!
  • It’s best to make transportation arrangements in advance of your trip, such as through the hotel where you’ll be staying or booking your ride online with a reputable company.
  • If you haven’t done so, go to the taxi stand and hail an official taxi. Take a photo of the license plate and the driver and send it to a friend or coworker. It’s advantageous if the driver notices that you take the picture.
  • Always sit in the back of the taxi and make sure the doors can be opened from the inside before entering. You are more protected at the back of the car in the event of an accident, and there are exits on both sides.
  • Always buckle up in the car!

6. Will you rent a car when you get there and drive yourself?

  • Do a decent inspection of the vehicle with a rental car agency representative.
  • To document the condition of the car, record the walkaround on video.
  • Plan a safe route to your location and avoid driving at night.
  • always have your ID, driver’s license, and car documentation with you
  • carry water, a power bank for your phone
  • and always buckle up!

7. at your hotel

  • Pay attention to the fact that hotel employees should write down your room number and show it to you instead of “shouting” it throughout the lobby.
  • Request a room on the second to fourth floors.
  • If they need a copy of your passport, make your social security number unreadable, draw a cross over the copy, and write the name of the hotel over the image of your passport.
  • Always lock the door to your hotel room.
  • When leaving, put on the television and hang a “do not disturb” sign on your door.

8. during your visit

  • make sure to keep up with local news. You can set up Google Alerts, follow news sources like, and sign up for your embassy’s regional travel updates for further information.
  • Be prepared to act when an incident arises by having a plan in place
  • Always maintain a reasonable level of situational awareness, especially in crowded

9. emergency?

  • Bring yourself in safety first!
  • Immediately get in touch with your local contacts, your coworkers, friends, family, and, if applicable, your travel risk management partner (Clients can reach the Veritas Consultancy Operations Center in Sofia 24/7 for any crisis or emergency).
  • Let your embassy in Bulgaria know about the situation.
  • Give relevant and important information and follow instructions.
  • Ensure that you stay reachable for further instructions.